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Investments of TechAngels members rose 73% in H2 2023, up to an annual aggregate of EUR 3 million

EUR 2.928 million is the aggregate investment made in 2023 by the members of TechAngels, the largest angel investor network in Romania. EUR 1.856 million was invested in H2 2023, up 73%...

TechAngels – More than EUR 1 million funding for the tech ecosystem, appetite for investments to double in H2 2023

The members of TechAngels, the largest network of angel investors in Romania, invested EUR 1,013,000 in the first half of 2023, a third of the investments made in H1 2022.

TechAngels celebrates 10 years of angel investment in Romania 

TechAngels, Romania’s first angel investor network, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. During this time, the group infused more than EUR 40 million in the Romanian tech ecosystem.

Marius Istrate will head TechAngels for the next two years

Marius Istrate is the new president of the TechAngels group, Romania’s first and largest angel investor network, which elected a new leadership team for the next two years. The tenure of the President elect and...

TechAngels members invested EUR 5.679 million in 2022, 50% in initial funding rounds and 50% in follow-on rounds

Bucharest, 14 February 2023 – Aggregate investments made by the members of TechAngels, the largest network of angel investors in Romania, in 2022 amounted to EUR 5.679 million, with EUR 1.023 million placed in the last quarter of the year.

Caution supplanted buoyancy in the tech ecosystem in 2022 and will continue to do so in 2023

Judging by the first opinions summarized, 2022 was a challenging year for the tech start-ups. In an internal survey, the members of TechAngels, the largest network of angel investors in Romania, described 2022 as a reset year and even a “brrr” year.

Tech Angels invested €4,656 million in the tech startup ecosystem in the first 9 months of the year

TechAngels, the largest network of angel investors in Romania, has invested in the development of local start-ups, cumulatively, an amount between 1,1 and 1,5 million euros* in the third quarter of 2022...

TechAngels Group invested 3.3 million EUR for the development of local startups in the first half of 2022

TechAngels members invested EUR 3,3 million during the first half of 2022. TechAngels is the largest network of private investors, focused on investments in the Romanian tech ...

TechAngels investments tripled in Q1 2022 year-over-year to reach EUR 2.4 million

Members of TechAngels, the largest network of private investors looking to support the Romanian tech startup ecosystem, invested an aggregate EUR 2.4 million in Q1 2022...

What to expect from your business angel – Machinations

We’ve gotten help from angels during our pre-seed and seed funding stage, so from product development and initial traction up to go-to-market/monetization.

What to expect from your business angel – AiVA

I started working with angel investors from the inception of the start-up idea. AiVA’s first round of funding was within a month of our incorporation, and...

What to expect from your business angel – Aggranda

Aggranda targets international clients. Because of that, our marketing budgets were high from start and I initiated discussions with angel investors from day 1.

What to expect from your business angel – VoxiKids

As a startup backed by angel investors, I can say that they are contributing a lot to the startup progress. The chances to be successful are far more grater with their help.

What to expect from your business angel – Procesio

Back in 2016, I was looking for a mentor that would help me better understand what I needed to do next, how to do it, and help me gain the confidence in myself that I lost in a previous experience.

Press release TechAngels – Q3 Financial Results

TechAngels members invested more than EUR 2.8 million in Q3 2021. The total amount invested year-to-date (i.e. January-September 2021) was EUR 5.8 million

What to expect from your business angel – Bright Spaces

I started discussions with Angels right after we decided to start Bright Spaces as a tech startup following the path of subsequent funding rounds.

What to expect from your business angel – Soleadify

We started working with angel investors right from the start. We started Soleadify with an angel investment of €50.000 from...

What to expect from your business angel – RepsMate

We’ve started working with one angel investor since idea phase, and gradually we’ve involved more angels to cover most of the areas that we were considering most important in order for our startup to succeed.

What to expect from your business angel – SmartDreamers

The search for a business angel is sometimes troubling. You commit to someone who gets access inside the core of the team’s work for long term.

Download – The Good Advice Booklet

Pitch season is always on at TechAngels, we meet over 70 startups per year and we are screening other 200. Every team we meet is unique but there are also some common traits, especially in business organization and management.

Rising investments in the start-up community supported by TechAngels. An aggregate EUR 3 mln was invested in this year’s first half.

TechAngels investors earmarked an aggregate EUR 3 million for investments in the first half of 2021, with Q2 funding doubling versus the first three months. The association grew 25% in the first six months...

The TechAngels association invested more than EUR 1,000,000 and grows 20% in the first three months of 2021

The funds invested by TechAngels members in Q1 amounted to more than EUR 1 million, according to an in-house analysis. This figure indicates an investment pace at least equal to 2020, when TechAngels helped develop approximately 60 startups by investing EUR 4 million.

Members of TechAngels Romania reached a total portfolio of 175 startups in 2020

TechAngels, the largest network of angel investors in Romania, invested EUR 4 million in 75 startups throughout 2020. 60 of those are brand new entries in the network’s portfolio, while the remaining 15 also received funding from…

TechAngels Start-up Review: The pandemic has brought forward the value of teams and the need for business and market know-how.

31.3% of the start-ups attending pitches in the first 11 months of 2020 have caught the eye of TechAngels investors. Of the 230 start-ups participating in the pitches hosted by TechAngels, 10% succeeded in...

TechAngels: The economy bet starts with a sound start-up ecosystem

One third of the European start-ups are facing risks from the economic impact of the pandemic, according to a survey by (a monitoring platform supported by the European Commission and initiated by and

TechAngels investors have tripled their activity in the first three quarters of 2020

TechAngels, the open group of private investors involved in supporting tech startups, attended 60 presentation and pitch sessions in the first nine months of this year, three times more year-over-year and five times more than in the 2013-2018 period.

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The beginnings of angel investment in Romania.

Find out how TechAngels was born and raised.

Read the brief history of the first and largest network of angel investors in Romania as seen by investors and startups.

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