What to expect from your business angel – VoxiKids

When you meet them, ask for feedback!

Ana Onica- Founder and CEO VoxiKids

1. Once they identified the investors, what would your advice be for your fellow founders to engage with angel investors?

First, find the right angel investor(s). The ones that are having the expertise that you need for your startup. When you meet them ask for feedback, present your business to them, and take all the advice you received. The goal should be to get them excited about what you are doing and stay in touch with them.

Be prepared, not everything will sort out from the first meeting, you will need a couple of meetings and meanwhile focus on building a network and analyzing the advice you received.

2. How did the angel investors contribute?

As a startup backed by angel investors, I can say that they are contributing a lot to the startup progress. The chances to be successful are far more grater with their help. They are more focus to help the startups they are involved in, and contribute to sales, attract new investments and business growth,  based on your start-up needs.

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