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TechAngels is facilitating the development of tech businesses from South-Eastern Europe through investment, expertise and connections.

We help entrepreneurs shape up their pitch deck, evaluate their business and put them in contact with the most fitted investors from our network, in order to improve their success rate.

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Radu Atanasiu

Angel investor

Believes that intelligence and creativity, and not shale gas, are the most untapped resources of this region.

Dan Călugăreanu

CEO at Alliance Computers

Over 16 years of IT entrepreneurship. Investor in different tech projects, lately including, the most important book blog in Romania.


Ciprian Candea

CEO, Ropardo

Entrepreneur with interest in the research and innovation of business solutions and mobile devices. With valuable experience in the field of IT solutions being actively involved in research projects conducted by ROPARDO Ltd in partnership with other research institutions in Europe in mobile technology, eHealth, decision support systems. With over 15 years experience in management and implementation of commercial and research projects rooted in fundamental research in artificial intelligence and information technology application.


Răzvan Căpățînă

Managing Partner at Business Results

Over 15 years of expertise in research and marketing, currently focusing on lead generation campaigns.

Adrian Cighi

Adrian is a financial analyst and portfolio manager with 10 years experience in the local and international capital markets, with experience on the Boards of Directors of several local companies. Having a personal interest in technology and start-ups, he would like to contribute his experience to help local entrepreneurs set up or grow their businesses.


Răzvan Constantin

Partner / VP of Titan International Wholesale

Partner / VP of Titan International Wholesale in charge of the International Carrier Sales Division, Telecom Operations Consultant. Over 10 years experience in the Telecom business, both traditional and alternative (VoIP) operators, looking to invest in Telecom and IT startups based in Romania.


Felix Docuz

Shareholder in several public and private companies


Matei Dumitrescu

Managing Partner, GRAAL SOFT

Serial entrepreneur, passionate about startups, business models, investments. I want to offer my experience to young companies that start or grow a business, by mentoring, providing a network of specialists that can help the sustainable development of business and investment opportunity, in order to turn a good idea into a business success.


Ovidiu Fer

Ex sell side equity analyst, passionate about investing in both listed and private ventures. Co-founder of Alpha Oil Trading, a gasoline distribution company for agricultural producers and a platform for crowd funding bucket lists.

Aurelian Forgaciu

Active investor with over 25 years experience in IT, telecom and real estate

Radu Georgescu

Founding Partner, Chairman at GECAD Group

Radu Georgescu is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor in technology and internet ventures. He founded the GECAD Group in the early 90’s.

Adrian Gheară

Angel investor & Consultant

Angel investor & consultant in technology startups. Former entrepreneur with technical background, helping other local entrepreneurs to grow their business.
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Florian Gheorghe

Dreamer at Dreams Cluster

Investments lawyer, with private equity experience

Alex Negrea

Co-Founder & CTO docTrackr

Entrepreneur, ex co-founder & CTO of docTrackr. Experience with R&D projects, accelerators, B2B and innovation. Passionate & interested in technology startups.

Voicu Oprean

CEO, AROBS Transilvania Software

I can define myself as an entrepreneur focused on building software solution covering GPS, Navigation and Mobile with extensive experience in outsourcing for travel and hospitality industry. I started AROBS Transilvania Software ( in June 1998, with the main goal to promote the Romania IT software specialists and their ability to work from Romania and not be forced to emigrate in order to meet their IT software development career goals. After more than 12 years I can say that most of the AROBS success is based on the excellent people working for internationa big customers day by day. Oracle or Intel are using our specialists on R&D or business projects.


Andrei Ostacie

Manager, OkapiStudios

Active entrepreneur and investor managing a start-up friendly company.
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Gabriel Petrescu

Director General, DFR SYSTEMS

Electronic engineer with almost 20 years of antreprenorial experience and 10 years of R&D involvement. His motto: If you want to do it you will find solutions; else you will find excuses!

Andrei Pitiș

Founder & CTO Vector Watch

Active angel investor and mentor to many startups, president of ANIS and Associated Professor at UPB with 22 years of experience in tech at all levels.


Adrian Stanciu

CEO, Smartree Romania

Over 15 years of professional experience on the local and international markets in finance, capital markets, investment funds, M&A and technology.

Daniela Ștefan

Career executive in finance & service operations, using her broad business process expertise to help start-up firms set-up and bring disruptive ideas to market

Mălin-Iulian Ștefănescu

General manager, founder at EEU Software

Have started EEU Software 13 years ago. Co-founder of other companies in Romania and abroad.

Lucian Todea

CEO, owner at ITNT / Soft32

The Founder & CEO of ITNT. Actively involved with various other technology & internet projects. Serial entrepreneur and technology angel investor.
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Cătălin Vasile

Head of Retail Sales Management, ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam

Experienced manager in distribution in banking and telecom, direct and alternative channels and customer base management.

Stefan Vaduva

Managing Technical Director at Web Dots

Open source technology consultant, web developer and (sometimes) forex trader


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The most common investments will vary between 10.000 and 200.000 EUR, for a maximum 1M EUR evaluation. We're especially interested in experienced teams, with good professional expertise and proven track record. We facilitate investments in tech projects, focusing especially on web, mobile, embeded software, hardware, meditech. We're mostly interested in projects that have at least a prototype, or have reached the product/market fit stage.

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Bogdan Iordache

How to Web ( CEO & co-founder, mentor and referrer at Springboard, HackFWD, Rockstart, Launchub, Eleven, Geekcelerator tech accelerator programs.

Andrei Pitiș

Active angel investor and mentor to many startups, president of ANIS and Associated Professor at UPB with 22 years of experience in tech at all levels.

Radu Georgescu

Radu Georgescu is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor in technology and internet ventures. He founded the GECAD Group in the early 90’s.

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